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December 16, 2013
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Il-Futuro: Leulle Antoinette by shieonn Il-Futuro: Leulle Antoinette by shieonn

OHMYGOD I AM FINALLY DONE after 938765156810 weeks of procrastinating with sennooppai082497 8|DDD Go check out her gorjass character too!!!
Matty and koto's amazing insane mafia group :iconbluesparklesplz: :iconil-futuro: :iconbluesparklesplz:
:iconlaze3plz: Sorry for that huge wall of text I'm gonna put a summarised one over here and put a link to the full one lmao but I'm just lazy for now //slapped

I hope we all get in asdfghjkl especially CUP CREW 2013 O/ :iconmueheplz:

FULL SIZE!!! aka a closer look at my lazy colouring:
★ [Identification Card]
Il-Futuro: L3629A by shieonn

★ [Identification Number]

★ [Name]
Leulle Antoinette

★ [Nickname]
Leu (only people that are really close to her can call her this though)

★ [Age]

★ [Date of Birth]
June 13th (Gemini)

★ [Sex]

★ [Hair Colour]
Sky Blue with white streaks. (Natural hair colour is Dark blonde)

★ [Eye Colour]
Blueish-Teal (right transplanted eye colour is Blood Red)

★ [Height]
170 cm (177cm with boots)

★ [Weight]
claims to be 42kg

★ [Nationality]
Half-French, Half-Italian

★ [Arcana]
Minor Arcana

★ [Card]
Queen of Cups

★ [Ability]
Leulle possesses the ability of Empathy. She can know what other people are feeling, their emotions. She can also hear certain thoughts associated with the certain emotion, but not full memories, unlike what Telepaths can do. Although she can't make new emotions out of nowhere, or nullify someone's emotions, she can "switch" people's emotions amongst one another - that can be used to expose information (or perhaps this certain guy was cheating on his wife and Leulle switched his feeling of being happy with that other girl to his own wife and--yeah you get it). Also, because of this, she can sometimes sense the presence of someone by sensing their emotions, but only if said person is not that far and if Leulle concentrates really hard. After receiving her card, she obtained the ability on her right transplanted eye, that is to forcefully "insert" her own emotion(s) (and rarely a thought associated with it) into a person's mind. She dubs this as "Direct Emotion". yeah lame name I know OTL

★ [Ability Limitation]
Leulle cannot "turn off" her ability of Empathy, since she was born with it, causing her to sometimes know unwanted emotions that are better off unheard. She sometimes also gets overwhelmed by so many emotions that aren't hers, until she can't think straight and gets splitting headaches. (Of course she acts as if everything is fine and doesn't show anything because she is suppressing it.) Leulle can also only sense the emotions of those that aren't too far away from her. She also cannot "control" what her targets do when she "switches" their emotions, and she also cannot "take away" their emotions. When she uses Direct Emotion, she also feels a considerable amount of pain, and her vision gets fuzzy. It also strains her mind and her right eye, sometimes even causing it to bleed, the reason why she uses an eye-patch to cover it. So, she only uses Direct Emotion very rarely, and for "emergency" situations if she, or someone close to her is in danger, or if she wants to threaten/get rid of someone. (She usually inserts emotions of fear and uneasyness or sadness.)

★ [Weapon of Choice]
Her customised cards. The sharpness of edges of each of the cards vary, depending on what Leulle wants to use it for. She keeps them under her sleeves.

★ [Reason for Joining]
Bored of her daily routine of gambling to earn money, she heard rumors of a so-called "Mafia group". She thought that it would be an interesting way to earn money, and she could also gain more information to find and get revenge on the gang that broke in to her house on that night.

★ [Occupation]
Liar Gambler

★ [Likes]
★ Her twin sister, Reulle but now it's more like an obsession now that Reulle is dead
★ Kind, patient, polite, and comforting people
★ Herbal tea, especially bitter ones.
★ Even though she likes bitter tea, she likes sweets, cakes, and pastries.
★ Money (not in an obsessive way though)
★ Gambling
★ Fashion, especially gothic-lolita fashion ever since Reulle bought her a goth-loli dress
★ Rock music, although she doesn't look like it. She never tells this to anyone though, unless she really trust that person and considers that person as a close friend. (she told Reulle of course)
★ Books and reading. romance and crime fiction lmao //slapped
★ Other empaths/telepaths, because they also know what it feels like to "accidentally" hear unwanted feelings.

★ [Dislikes]
★ Irritating, loud people
★ Rude people
★ People that think Gambling is a bad thing 
★ People that judge other people from the outside
★ People that touch her belongings without permission
★ Spiders she'll go OOC and scream and start running for help if she spots one
★ The strangers sent from a certain gang that broke into her house on that night
★ Dirt, Messiness (she doesn't mind blood because it is inevitable)

★ [Personality]

Calm and Composed
Leulle always keeps her composure, no matter what happens. Unless she is really at her limit, or if she sees a spider. She usually has a refined expression on her face.

+ Elegant and Polite
Born in a rich family, she was taught manners and etiquette in her home-school classes. She speaks in a formal tone, but completely loses it when she goes mad, but that is usually very rare. Leulle always waits for someone to finish talking before answering back. Most of the time, she is easy to talk to. If you are polite to her, she will do the same to you. If you are rude, she will just keep her mouth shut and give you a quick glare before walking away.

+ Intuitive
This lady's not easy to fool - she can easily see through people, thanks to to her ability, and know what you're feeling at the same time. Even without the use of her ability, her intuition is really sharp.

+ Understanding and Caring
Due to her ability ever since she was little, she easily understands everyone else's problems and what they are feeling. She took advantage of this to please Reulle and her parents ever since she was little. Leulle usually puts others in front of herself, if for a good cause (she usually doesn't show it though.). She is actually also very caring for the ones that she loves and worry about them from time to time, but then again, she doesn't show this.

Reserved and Unpredictable
Since she always keeps her cool, you can never know what's on her mind - although she may know what you feel. Leulle never shows any extreme or exaggerated expressions. unless she meets a spider

Leulle can be quite cunning and sly, and she just might be scheming something unimaginable. She's one person that you have to watch out for. She also has a way with her words, making the truth seem like a lie, and a lie seem like the truth. It proved to be useful when gambling.

Leulle always want anything and EVERYTHING to be kept clean and tidy. Probably also has some kind of hygiene deficiency, as she is also seen to have never taken off her gloves in public. 

She usually suppresses all negative feelings, but when she reaches her limit, she'll eventually explode - just like a failed science experiment - except that you won't know when it'll come to an end.

(more to be added since I didn't really make notes on this and I have a really short memory.)

★ [History]
Born in a rich family, she had an older twin sister named Reulle. Leulle and Reulle received a lot of proper education while being home-schooled. Their mother(French) and father(Italian) where the Vice-President and President of a famous, best-selling luxury cosmetics company in Verona. Their parents were outside working and doing business most of the time, leaving the twins at home alone, leave for a few maids and butlers. Sometimes Leulle felt lonely and wanted to meet othe rkids their age and make friends, but as long as she had Reulle, she was happy. The two of them loved each other dearly and would always be together. They lived a peaceful live, a bit lonely, but safe. Leulle was also born with the ability of Empathy. She only told this to Reulle though, and Reulle said that it was amazing. Due to her ability, she always knew if Reulle had any problems, and tried to solve it with her. She always put her sister's feelinsg before her own. If Reulle was happy, then she was happy. If Reulle was sad, then she was sad.

On the night of their eighteenth birthday, the two were waiting eagerly for their parents to come home, for their celebration of entering the adult years. They waited, and waited, but their parents were still not home. Reulle got curious so she went downstairs to check if they were there or not. Moments later, Leulle heard a scream from below. She rushed down in panic and gasped at the scene that she saw. Apparently, a few strangers captured their parents while they were on their way home, and also robbed their wallets. Her mother was lying motionless on the ground, tied up and in a pool of blood. Her father was tied up and harshly beaten up. Her sister on the other hand, had just been captured and was being held, arms tightly grabbed by one of the strangers. Another one of them held up a huge dagger and was slowly walking towards Leulle. She couldn't move an inch, in fright. She cringed as the stranger raised uo his arm, getting ready to stab her. The moment his arm swung down, she closed her eyes shut, ready to die.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Reulle in front of her, motionless on the ground, with the dagger stabbed into her back. Reulle sacrificed herself to save Leulle. Leulle screamed. She grabbed the dagger and charged at them, with feelings of anger and sadness.

The events that happened after that happened all too fast. Turns out that Leulle fainted and badly injured her right eye, and the strangers took most of their money and escaped. The police marked that incident as a robbery, but couldn't find the gang that sent them to rob the family. 

Since then, Leulle mourned her mother's death, and even more so for Reulle. She blamed herself for Reulle's death. Leule felt as if she lost her everything. Her only sibling, her only friend, her only company, and her other half. Her dad's business got bankrupt, as he was now unable to move, from being beaten up harshly, and robbed of his money. He was confined to his bed at home. Leulle got a transplant for her right eye, using the last of the riches that the family had. To fund their needs and tend to her father, she had to earn money somehow. Leulle found out about gambling and casinos. Since she was already eighteen, she decided to try it out. It turned out well for her, as she could sense if her opponent was feeling "uneasy" or "content" from her ability. She earned a considerable amount of money from it, more than enough to fund the daily needs for her and her father. Leulle soon became a regular at several casinos.

Regarding Leulle's Ability:
Until now, Leulle never knew if she had any real emotions or not. Most of the time, her emotions were the influenced emotions of Reulle's, or her parents. Sure, she had felt her own genuine feelings of contentment, guilt, grief, anger, sadness, and revenge, but happiness? Had she ever been truly happy? After Reulle died, she didn't know anymore.

Regarding Leulle Joing The Mafia:
She was wandering around the streets, taking the long way to her destination-the casino. That was until she saw an eye-catching shop. Leulle felt that something... Something was going to happen if she entered that shop. So she did. She ended up joining the mafia at her own will, since she thought that she could earn extra money, and change her daily routine with a bit of excitement. and maybe to search for her "happiness" too.In the end, The Queen of Hearts chose her, and she received the ability on her right eye.

★ [Quote]
"Well, well, what do we have here?"
"I saw... The true you, beneath your clothing."
"Let us play a little mind game of chance, shall we?"
"I shall bet on that."

★ [Relationships]
Reulle Antoinette - Her deceased, elder twin sister that she really loves.

★ [Miscellaneous]
★ Secretly plots revenge against the gang.
★ Her right eye is a transplant since she injured her eye greatly on that night.
★ Love the gothic-lolita fashion. Reulle used to make and buy dresses for her.
★ Has a lighter dress for mafia duties. This outfit is just her favorite.
★ Very sensitive about topics regarding her sister. VERY sensitive
★ To make up for her lack in strength, she is rather agile and quick with great reflexes and instincts.
★ The closer she is to a person, the louder the associated thought is, and the more clearly she feels that person's emotions.
★ To her, the feeling of happiness is warm, sadness is cold, anger is stuffy, fear and hatred is piercing(?), etc. sorry I was just bored
★ Respects the King of Cups although it is not obvious. LMAO I'M SORRY FOR PUTTING THIS IN without permission OTL sometimes I think Leulle is a kuudere okay no //slapped
★ Doesn't like alchohol but has a high tolerance to it.
★ Flexible, she mastered ballet. Also skilled at gymnastics/acrobatics. it's not surprising if you find her scaling a tree or doing a backflip off a wall pffft
★ If she has to kill a person, she does it with no doubt. To her, it is practice for her getting revenge upon that gang.
★ Does not really like physical contact, so she always wears her gloves everywhere. (didn't draw it in the app because I forgot OTL)
★ Can play the flute, and enjoys it.
★ Actually like cute animals/pets, but doesn't tell anyone. Leu you kuudere //slapped
★ Fluent in Italian(90%), English(90), and French(100%). Also knows German(80%). (All those strict homeschooling classes paid off)
Errr that's it for now I may make some minor edits and all if I remember my stupid crappy memory and my STML and as time goes on UvU And I hate stash writer ^w^ I'm leaving all this with normal sized font after trying and failing to make the font size small 99999999999 times (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
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